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Created interactive babashka and node-babashka templates on replit • They are ready to fork, explore, and build all sorts of cool projects with that can be embedded and shared all around.

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SCI configs: A collection of ready to be used SCI configs This repo includes SCI configurations for: • reagent • promesa • js-interop and more to come.

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practicalli-johnny22:03:54 user level aliases for Clojure CLI projects and community tools - library dependency updates and alias additions • graph/ns-deps shows connections between library dependencies and the namespace • graph/deps now uses tools.deps.graph to show relationship between library • :lib/pprint-sorted alias to include the when starting a REPL session, enabling sorted keys and set values when pretty printing and colour highlighting • :lib/sayid include as a dependency to support provide REPL driven debugging and profiling (also useful if running a repl for cider-connect or other tools that have a sayid plugin) • github actions - update checkout to v3 • Update library versions using :project/outated alias (including the latest reveal (free) version - see below In the next release I'll be moving some aliases under the :search/ qualifier and then move on to looking at

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