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Tom H.06:03:39

Hi Folks, at ☀️ we’re looking to hire two Remote Full Stack developers! We’re looking for developers/engineers with experience building web applications, ideally with Clojure. We’re a small company (currently <10 people total) in the renewable energy industry, based in Australia :flag-au:. Our Clojure backend and Clojurescript frontend app helps businesses assess, procure and operate solar and battery systems across Australia. Ideally, we’re looking to find both a Junior and a Senior but we’re flexible and looking to grow the team quickly. Apply for the Apply for the

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Jack Jenkins16:03:33

Hey everyone, At Funding Circle we are currently looking for engineers from a functional programming background to work on a couple of our new products we have launched/are launching in 2022. You may well have heard of us, we are one of the UK’s leading Fintechs and have been operating now for 12 years. In 2021, £9.7bn was originated from us to over 71,000 businesses, supporting 135,000 jobs in the UK alone. We have also branched out to the US so in total it was around £13bn that was originated through our core platform. At Funding Circle our mission is simple - we help small business win through our instant decision AI Lending platform. After a successful few years, 2022 looks to be an huge one for us as we are introducing 3 more Greenfield products (a business card platform, Flexipay and an API Vertical) Our Software Engineering team is growing rapidly as a result. We are looking for Engineers from a Functional programming background to work with Clojure on our existing and upcoming products. We're currently hiring for Seniors and Mid level Engineers but you'd need to be UK based. (We offer the role either Hybrid (1 day a week in London) or fully remote.


I’ve been watching Funding Circle for years, back in the early P2P days with


glad to see you guys made it 🙂


I'm leaving my dream job and looking for a replacement. Professor of the Practice at UNC's Computer Science Department. I consider this a richly rewarding job, teaching the next generation of CS majors. I consider this Clojure-related because I use Clojure every day at work to manage the class web app/learning platform I created in Clojure. Plus I actually taught ~60 students Clojure a couple of years ago in a "special topics" course. Perks: summers off, significant autonomy, great colleagues, and probably better pay than you'd expect for an academic job... 😉 Requirements: you must have at least an M.S. degree and be willing to work in-person in beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Visa sponsorship unlikely, but not out of the question AFAIK. More details and the application here: My DMs are open if you have any questions.

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Zach Mitchell02:03:01

Did my undergrad in physics at UNC, it's a beautiful campus!


Agreed! ❤️


interesting that more colleges/universities don’t have a “Professor of Practice” position, or equivalent


Yeah. And kind of a shame, if you ask me—but I may be biased. The reason, by the way, is probably that PoPs can be challenging to account for from a financial perspective. They tend not to (apply for or) win grants, and often don't teach large classes either. So their salaries have to come from some other source.