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Vilim Krajinovic17:03:18

Hi everyone 🙂 I'm brand new to clojure but i do have close to half a decade experience with Java. Although i've been using java in a "functional" way, i find clojure quite tricky to adapt to as of now (but thats to be expected since i started fiddling around with it like 5 days ago 🙂 ) partially because i never used a pure functional language and i've never used a LISP 😄! But im pretty passionate at trying to learn clojure, something just attracts me to this language, hard to describe 😄. I do have a project in mind on which im working on right now with clojure+clojurescript, and i plan on introducing my team at work to it if it turns out to be a successful attempt at writing this app!

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Sounds great! I'm sure I speak for a lot of us when I'm saying we are on the ready to help you if you get stuck or need a second opinion on something.

Vilim Krajinovic18:03:11

I dont doubt that! 🙂 One of the things that pulled me in to the language is the community feel of it! And i do plan on asking questions if i get stuck with something! But right now i'm doing okay with just googling stuff!