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This is probably an old debate but I wonder what folks are doing about ligatures aka Fira Code?


From here There seems to be two options back port a fix to 27.1 or 27.2 or run emacs 28 via snapd?


The error I see is Skipping rebuild of /home/daniel-lower/.emacs.d/.cache/quelpa/packages/ligature-20220213.1525.el (Spacemacs) Error: An error occurred while installing ligature (error: (error Package 'emacs-28' is unavailable))


@danielplower I started getting an error with Emacs 27.1 and the Spacemacs Unicode layer, with ligature-set-ligatures not found after the latest package update. Not sure how relevant that is to the error you posted. I installed and the problem seems to disappear though (as well as making Spacemacs extremely fast)


@jr0cket Thanks John I run a weird setup WSL with Ubuntu piping to Xming server for X at work at any rate. At home I can go more crazy with nightly builds as it's less mission critical. I am setting up for emacs 28 well like you've pointed out emacs 29 is already in the works so emacs 28 should get progressively more stable till it's officially released.