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Is there a way to know what you can call on a java class from emacs with clojure mode? i haven't touched java in a while. i recall lgiven a .java file and a tool like intelliji this is possible, but i'm guess the answer is a hard no this context 🙂


@drewverlee there is a very nice looking Java LSP package here Not what you were specifically asking for, but may be of interest if working with Java directly. I can navigate the Java source code from clojure-mode, but havent looked at any kind of call tracing. Not sure what cider-debug does if an instrumented function includes a call to a java class.


I think it would probably be enough if selecting a class and opening javadocs worked for every class. but that might only work in cases where the class set it up to work. i'm just starting to look into the limitations. i read about this a long time ago but it didnt stick bc i never had to really deal with it.


Yeah, this doesn't really work properly. You need to add sources and javadocs for all the 3rd party deps manually and for me even that never really worked; especially because I'm using Java 11+ on a daily basis


I'm thinking the solution is to use intelliji when ever I have to touch Java