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goodmorning sorry for offtopic question - what is the best place to ask about compojure-api? (didnt find #compojure-api or #metosin channel)


Maybe here or #ring-swagger


ok, the question is: I’d like to use compojure-api async with aleph, it is mentioned that I need some manuak staff to implement - but what exactly? is having just middleware to connect aleph and async-ring

(defn wrap-ring-async-handler
  "Converts given asynchronous Ring handler to Aleph-compliant handler.
   More information about asynchronous Ring handlers and middleware:
  (fn [request]
    (let [response (d/deferred)]
      (handler request #(d/success! response %) #(d/error! response %))
enough? or something else is needed? thanks UPD: seems to work fine with just that middleware, thanks