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Somehow broke my REPL :thinking_face: I accidentally pressed a hotkey which broke the formatting and the REPL is now gone. Any ideas what I did and/or how to fix it? I uninstalled and reinstalled already. Tried restarting VSCode as well.


No idea, whatsoever what can have happened. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Calva?


The weird thing is that the REPL works in other projects, just not in the one where I pressed the mystery hotkey. Maybe I changed a config file somewhere? :male-detective::skin-tone-4:


Does something like running lein repl :connect from a vscode terminal, when the repl is in that state, work?


Ok I tried again (for the 5th or 6th time) and now it reset the formatting and REPL. I have absolutely no idea how it fixed itself. All I did this time was close the window and reopen that window. Didn’t even kill VSCode :thinking_face:


Wish I knew what caused it so I could submit a proper issue. Oh well. Thanks for your help @U0ETXRFEW 🙏:skin-tone-3:


You are welcome.


Does it work now on jack-in, or do you need to do the close-open dance every time?


It worked directly on jack-in. Will test one more time now.


I’m guessing this will creep up again for some user and maybe someday we will be able to create a repro 😃


Worked perfectly. Have no idea 🤷:skin-tone-3: Just grateful it is working because I need that particular REPL working ASAP for a project. Feeling lucky 🍀


> someday we will be able to create a repro Will let you know if it comes up again.


And thanks again 😃


When you have some time I’’d like to have a chat about why the REPL window is important for you. I very seldom use it myself and am planning on creating some alternative to it. Would benefit from input from a REPL window user. 😃


Sure thing. Not that experienced of a dev, but I can show you what I am working on. Let me know how/when you would like to chat 😃


For those of you who are interested, this discussion actually started on Tuesday, June 16. I wanted to thank pez for giving me a pointer to something that might help - when I run lein --version in a windows shell, it tells me 2.9.3, but when I run it inside a vscode terminal, it says the version is 2.7.1. Evidently, there's some issue with the environment path and vscode finding the latest version of lein.


A workaround is to start VS Code from the command line.


When evaluating a test form the output gives me some results that look badly formatted. Is there a way to better print the result from that? I'm using midje for testing