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Just for information in regards to my question above: I got the uberjar generation with AOT working after switching to and doing AOT by passing the -C option. It was a lot of trial and error so maybe I could have gotten to work as well. On top of of this I surfaced an issue that has been in my code for a long time: I run my prod server on port 6000, but remap it in docker-compose. Due to that I have never experienced that browsers (Chrome, FF, …), before I now attempted to run the jar locally and couldn’t connect.


Is there deps.edn analogue of the lein-environ plugin? I.e. a facility for setting an env map in a sidecar file (or your global deps.edn file) that is merged with the global env?


not to my knowledge


Is it possible to set env vars in deps.edn or is that not really what it's meant for?


it's not possible right now

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you can of course just set them on the call to clj using normal shell methods


I wouldn't rule out the possibility of adding something like that in the future


Yeah, just trying to figure out the "right" way to set them when launching a REPL from Cursive. Using the Cursive config works fine for now.


in clj, one option is to create an alias that adds an :extra-paths and then load config via a resource


an alias can also set Java system properties


so those are two paths to have an alias add extra config


That makes sense. "an alias can also set Java system properties" sounds promising. Thanks!


but be careful that you're not putting sensitive values in your deps.edn

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you'd want to have a system property that point to a file (or env var) to read a sensitive value