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That’s a bummer, I guess Shaun has no further interest in it.


Or perhaps smart mode has just gone as far as it can.


smart mode?


I am new here, what is that? ☺️


It is a blend of indent and paren mode, where the user virtually never has to toggle between them. It just does the right thing. It is super duper wonderfully nice. However, many editors lack the API/functionally to support it.


I think Shaun's interest in Parinfer has waned. I have not heard from him in a while now; I'm not sure he is doing anything related to software anymore these days.


I think it is worth noting that just because the repo is archived does not mean the project is "dead". The code still works great and many thousands of people use it daily if the atom-parinfer download numbers are to be believed.


I will make some time to host / maintain that fork soon 🙂


parinfer-rust uses smart mode by default?


Smart mode is supported in most implementations of parinfer, including parinfer-rust. The trick is integrating smart mode with an editor: it is very tricky to get it correct and not all editors support the necessary plugins / API to make it work smoothly (this is the current problem with Smart Mode in VS Code, btw).


As of right now, smart mode works well in: atom, Cursive, and "things that bind to parinfer-rust" (documented further in the parinfer-rust README)


There is some work to be done on integrating smart mode with more editors, but I think the biggest gap right now is probably VS Code. In terms of popularity / userbase.


I am using neovim


parinfer generally works well with Vim (and derivatives) due to the modal nature of the editing process


I am not a vim user, but I think neovim has good parinfer coverage. I do know that the VimL implementation of parinfer is kind of old and does not have smart mode.


I think most people do not use it though; they use a different binding in neovim


but which parinfer, there are so many


i have parinfer-rust enabled and it's fine but I am not sure if I use smart mode or not, since sometimes it completely breaks undo/redo and I have to disable/enable it