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Good Morning!


Rainy here today!


Nice. You need the rain, according to mum.


Tis nice and peaceful at the moment, with the gentle staccato sound of the rain. Waiting for my wee wain to wake up.


and he's awake


Very British weather recently - varying from hot(ish) and sunny, to heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and even some hail


Last week in the SF Bay Area, we had 100F in the house three or four days running, then a day of rain and down to the mid-60's F for a day or two, then back up into the 80's...


(we're on downward trend to the low 70's by Tuesday next week then it's set to climb again -- rain is unusual here from March to September)


I don't live in the US, and I'm in my mid-thirties, so I had to ask the web what 100F was in units I can understand


Sounds much too hot to me!


Even tho' decimalization happened when I was a kid in England, I've always resisted and stuck to imperial measures!


I'm used to chatting with my mum (in England, every Monday) and she's old enough to still think in F as well 🙂


I'm sure I would have been the same, but the metric system is all I was ever taught, really


Aye, well, you're 20+ years younger than me 🙂


it's a slightly minging 291K here


I think in american temperature it's 424.3 fluid cups right now


or is that 63 heated oz


Ah fahrenheit, that thing I can never remember how to convert…


i remember 32˚F=0˚C and -40˚F=-40˚C, which is enough to work it out

Phil Hunt08:06:09

It's the monsoon season already in the Wirral 🙂


A government funded software project overrunning - I'm shocked


Also s/government funded// , but still

😂 2

if it wasn't so sad it would be comical... "U-turn comes after British officials concluded it was technically impossible to create an effective app that did not conform to the Google and Apple model" - as even the most cursory of competent research would have revealed several months ago - i wonder how much in contract fees has been splurged to get to this point? :

😂 3
Ben Hammond13:06:55

ten million or so was the number I heard

😂 1
picard-facepalm 2
Ben Hammond14:06:51

oops I was out

Ben Hammond14:06:03 > The New York Times has learned that the contact-tracing contract, awarded in a secretive procurement process, cost 108 million pounds, or about $136 million.


right let's burn the place down lads


somebody should be going to PRISON over that


it's probably one of their mates as well




i'm going to have a tea and a biscuit, i cant even

Ben Hammond14:06:21

that's why there's no money left to feed the kids

Ben Hammond14:06:02

oh, hang on, there's £100'000'000'000 behind the sofa, still wet from the printers

Ben Hammond14:06:16

what kind of tea?


opium+coca-leaf tea, it's the only solution in times like these

Ben Hammond14:06:49

speedballs, not sure will turn out as well as you are hoping


i have low expectations, i've been living in britain for half a century


Why isn't someone paying me £108 million to do some webshit

Ben Hammond14:06:51

clearly you're not pals with Mr Cummings

✔️ 1

I'll deliver equally non-working software for a mere hundreth of that figure


But why? If you can get away with charging £100 million for zero quality...


I'm not greedy


That's why you're not 100 million richer 🙂

Ben Hammond14:06:26

you don't believe in yourself you mean


I would settle for even half a million

Ben Hammond14:06:08

alot of the mystique is achieved by keeping the prices high, I believe

Ben Hammond14:06:50

you have to value yourself highly before others will


so if i up my day rate to 108m


is that what you are saying ben

👍 2

i could live with that


and the contact tracing system farmed out to Serco instead of expanding the already existing contact tracing done by PHE, NHS, environment health etc

Ben Hammond14:06:53

as described in Yes PrimeMinister; the pricetag is the point > At the moment we have a magic wand. It is called Trident. No one understands anything about it except that it will cost £15 billion, which means that it must be wonderful. Magical > We just have to write the cheque, and then we can all relax. > But if people in the government start talking about it, eventually they will start thinking about it. Then they will realise the problems, the flaws in the reasonin.. Result: the nation gets anxious


Same with the Nightingale hospitals, spend £200 million on hospitals that there are no staff for. In a large part to be seen to be doing something

Ben Hammond14:06:28

I wonder whos doing todays Government briefing

Ben Hammond16:06:07

its Hancock the Humourist

Ben Hammond16:06:42

oh and Dodo harding

Ben Hammond16:06:21

oooh he does not recommend that people download the app

Ben Hammond16:06:04

that world isn't going to beat itself you know

Ben Hammond15:06:32

React/Javascript question; I have two React components and I'd like to pass the outer one's props straight through to the inner component; is that possible? like this

function InnerTable(props) {
// create a table

function OuterCard(props) {
return (
***<InnerTable props />***
kinda thing but how could I make that * line work?

Ben Hammond15:06:06

I could manually unwind the props value and then hard code the props into the Inner Table of course but that doesn't sound like much fun

Ben Hammond15:06:03

am I thinking in clojurescript too much?

Ben Hammond15:06:59

I suppose I can wrap it thus

function OuterCard(props) {
return (
<InnerTable outerProps={props} />***
that`ll be good enough


I think that’s what is for right? Or am I missing something? Found an example [0]:

const {propOne, propTwo, children, ...props} = this.props;
<Component propOne={propOne} propTwo={propTwo} {...props}>
- [0]

👍 1
Ben Hammond17:06:09

ooh maybe; that ellipsis seems to be for a bunch of things; if this can be one of them then thats great...

Ben Hammond17:06:33

I didn't realise you can mix JSX with ellipsis like that

Ben Hammond17:06:09

that's what I mean


yup that's right <Foo bar="baz"> is just syntactic sugar for React.createElement(Foo, { bar: "baz" }), so you can use ... or anything else that is valid within an Object.


you may or may not need to wrap in {} though


so in a functional component you could just do

(props) => {
return (<Card><InnerTable {...props} /></Card>);