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Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce the second release of Superlifter is an implementation of DataLoader for Clojure. This release adds support for: • Clojurescript! • A debounced trigger that runs a fetch when no muses are added to the bucket for n ms Feedback appreciated, as always, here or on Github. Cheers, Oliy


oh thank you 🙏, just last week i was planning to make something like this (to work with lacinia)


You're welcome! I found the 1+n problem was really constraining how we built our service on lacinia


I’m happy to announce the first release of Pogonos, another Clojure(Script) implementation of the Mustache templating language. • Completely compliant to the Mustache spec, including lambdas • As fast as Stencil • Supports Clojure/ClojureScript/self-hosted ClojureScript, like cljstache • Also provides user-friendly error messages for parsing errors Any feedback is welcome!


This is a wonderful contribution to the clojure ecosystem, thank you 🙏


Thank you for your kind words! 😂