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Thanks for all the participants in yesterday’s meetup! In case someone missed the meetup, here’s the link to the second presentation video as well: Heimo Laukkanen & Arttu Kaipiainen: Developing yet another webchat product for a media company with Clojure and Clojurescript

Toni Vanhala07:06:52

"Clojure maps" on the web site do not scale on mobile


Awesome! Thanks Toni! :hugging_face: I noticed the same bug but did not have time to figure out the fix 🙂


It’s awesome to see the community making pull requests to the site. It was definitely the right thing to just push the site out to get feedback and contributions. 🙂

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Another thing done well is that clojure and hiccup is used in building the static site with automatic hooks on GitHub. Did you figure out the github build pipeline config yourself or was it documented somewhere @valtteri? The current setup is very handy and if it is not documented yet, it would be a good topic for a short blog post.


Thanks for the PR @toni.vanhala I’ll check it today after work!

Toni Vanhala09:06:36

my three PRs were already merged

Toni Vanhala10:06:00

But here's one more which may be bit more opinionated! 😄


Nice! Things move so fast 🚀


Good improvements, thanks!


And the generator thing I built from scratch (because fun & simple) 🙂

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