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Vincent Cantin05:06:12

hi @doglooksgood, the project is suspended until I make enough progress on Minimallist, which I want to use for Vrac.

Vincent Cantin05:06:37

I am developing some very complicated stuffs in minimallist to be able to generate recursive model and provide insights to the user when he is doing something wrong.

Vincent Cantin05:06:11

Those functions will be needed for my vision of what Vrac should provide and how useful it will be.


AFAIK, vrac is using macros for templating?

Vincent Cantin07:06:06

as it is now, yes, they are used as small helper

Vincent Cantin07:06:44

the user can use Vrac without, they are not required

Vincent Cantin07:06:54

the template has to be a data structure, its interpretation could be done at runtime, or at compilation time when preparing for production