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> Developer wanted Hello, we’re looking for a Clojure developer to help us on projects that straddle finance and igaming. The systems are made with the following stack: DC/OS, Docker, Postgres, WebSockets, Kafka... Ideal candidate would be a team player with a proactive and collaborative approach. Location: remote, but due to bureaucratic and space travel constraints, we can only hire candidates from this solar system. Most of the team is based in Europe. If interested, please email your CV to: <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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If you have any questions or need any clarifications, ask away. I’d be more than happy to answer. Thanks


Do you have clojurescript in the front end?


Yes, but it's mostly Clojure. There will be new projects where Clojurescript could be used more.


Though i think if you dont have much clojurescript in the front end, may be you dont need it. I personally have been toying with the idea of reactive updates from the backend to a generic thin client written in cljs or js. And maintain most application state from the backend over websocket. This could be pioneering work in my view.


And i would be happy to do it for you at the most reasonable freelance rates.


Whoa, @U3SG7RX7A some of you folks are in Den Haag!?


Yea, some :)


I have been here for almost 12 years, but I still didn’t know 😛


Mostly business, the devs are all over... Yea, Clojure driven businesses are in more places than you'd expect


Hey @U051H0N54 thanks for producing defn podcast.


Hi, I just sent in my resume, I have been working with data pipelines and Web APIs in Clojure for the last 3 years, all backend stuff

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Ugh. Can you sponsor visas for workers from non-Euclidean spaces?