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Lennart Buit19:06:51

Maybe someone can help me here, I have a CircleCi setup with two docker containers, one running my own code, and another running a s3 mock. Now, when calling this s3 mock on my own machine, thats instant, but on CircleCi it takes 20 seconds. That sounds like some timeout/backoff being triggered, but how could I debug what is ‘different’ on CircleCI?


@lennart.buit are you testing with the local circleci CLI command?

Lennart Buit19:06:26

No I am not, maybe worth a try, didn’t even know that was a thing


it’s especially handy for testing your config before deploying (which I do too often to test…)

Lennart Buit19:06:34

yeah, I am using it to validate, but I didn’t expect that it actually could run tests for me

Lennart Buit19:06:03

I don’t experience the same slowness locally through the CLI, the first invocation to the S3 mock is ‘slow’ at ~6 seconds, the last is alright at 700ms. At least nowhere near the 20 seconds I am seeing on CircleCi. So somewhere I am paying a 20 second penalty on Circle


are the logs public?


good luck then 😉

Lennart Buit19:06:53

thanks for the help tho!


maybe it’s downloading/doing stuff that could be cached?


or maybe you could avoid the mock by talking to the real S3 with a test bucket?

Lennart Buit20:06:41

Yeah, I probably should do the latter, but the purist in me is complaining :’). Its so strange because it actually works, its not just failing, its just succeeding very slowly


I have a repo with an S3 mock (localstack) and the calls to it don't take 20s, if that helps in any way:

Lennart Buit20:06:07

yeah also using localstack, that will be a great help indeed!