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This is using connect in windows with powershell and leiningen?


This is manually running the jack-in command, after altering it for powershell. It was opening the REPL window, then it stopped doing that.


At least, I thought it was doing that automatically. I'm not sure now. But if I connect after the repl starts, the repl window opens.


It sounds like the file watcher fails picking up when the .nrepl-port file is created.


Folks. In a short time three people (@hoppy, @john and @dominicm) have had need for more cljs jack-in/connect support than what Calva packs today. Looking at the code for this it’s quite easy to see how to slap in some more known cljs-repl types, but it isn’t exactly DRY as it is and this would just worsen if we do it like that. If I squint I think I see how it can be a bit generalised to more look like configuration maps and if we can do that we can also allow the user to add cljs-repl config map entries through settings. Much like CIDER does today. However, I will have a bit of trouble to prioritise this any soon. If someone would like to take a stab at it, I would be very happy to have a few sessions of intro to the code.

Pedro Ruiz13:06:12

Hey guys, just joining after I’ve seen news of the Calva 2.0. Amazing work. Will try it out on my daily work to see if I’m able to move from Cursive. Just setting up the environment and trying some projects on it. One initial doubt I have… is it expected that when I evaluate something not inline it goes to the Calva says output and not straight into the REPL?


ctrl+alt+c, alt+e evaluates the selection in the repl window

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Pedro Ruiz13:06:16


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Hi @pez just tried installing latest version of calva. I created a new lein project and tried ctrl+alt c j. I got an error. Not sure if it is really an issue or my setup problem. I am running behind proxy and am using Artifactory for dependencies.


I am using visual studio code 1.30.0 on Windows 10. Java version java version "1.8.0_212"


The problem ist your default terminal config. Currently when you try to jack-in with powershell it will not work. You should use cmd as default Terminal with that it should work.


Welcome, @pedro.ruiz ! When you evaluate inline the results will also be sent to Calva says. To send to the repl you use those commands instead.


Yeah. Trouble with lein and powershell right now.


Yes, it worked now.. thank you

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@pez Is there any way to auto-scroll the Calva says output window? For example, if I evaluate a file and the window isn't open, it pops open and shows the evaluation result. Then if I eval the file again, the results are output to the Calva says window as before, but the window doesn't scroll down. So every time I re-eval, I have to select the Calva says window and scroll to see if any errors occurred.

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@brandon.ringe , there is a small lock icon in the output pane. I don't remember if it should be closed or open, but toggle it and it should make the window autoscroll.

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just user error I guess =P


Haha, if it is, there are many users making that error. 😀


i noticed goto definition works only with nrepl connection on, do I understand it right that there is no static analysis going on, only runtime communication? this is why find usages (shift+f12) does not work as well?


Nothing static going on. And Find usages is not implemented yet.


I'm using deps.edn-based project, and noticed that aliases don't work


it happens because resulting command first specifies -m nrepl.cmdline ..., and only then -A:some-alias


it makes them part of arguments to main instead of arguments to clojure command


I tried starting nrepl manually with changed order of arguments (aliases before -m) and connecting to it, and it worked

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