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thanks @mfikes, I notice that there are a couple of PowerShell scripts, I won’t change those, but I can look at getting Windows coverage via git bash for current sh/bash shell scripts.

Roman Liutikov09:06:51

Is it possible to turn on *warn-on-infer* on a project level rather then per file? I’m in the process of adapting a large project for advanced compilation, having externs inference working for entire project would be much more helpful.

Roman Liutikov09:06:43

I think it could be possible to hook into analyzer and selectively set *warn-on-infer* for project namespaces


shadow-cljs does this with :infer-externs :auto but CLJS doesn't support that by default currently

Roman Liutikov09:06:27

@thheller is it possible to hook this code into cljs compiler?


the shadow-cljs code no. doing the same would be easy though.

Roman Liutikov09:06:21

ok, looking into shadow’s sources then, thanks

Roman Liutikov09:06:44

perhaps we could get this into figwheel as well


thats basically the logic. if file is available (ie. not source from a .jar) then assoc :infer-warning true


probably a similar two line patch in CLJS proper

Roman Liutikov12:06:52

@thheller I guess shadow also typehints dotted expressions with ^js to avoid manual hinting? Where is it located in the code?


uhm yeah it does a bunch of stuff regarding externs inference overall to reduce some of the "noise"

Roman Liutikov13:06:48

@thheller Is it a lot of code in shadow? I’m thinking if this would be possible to have on top on cljs compiler as well


well it is implemented entirely differently so you won't get that into CLJS

Roman Liutikov13:06:21

I mean I’d like to have this in a project, not in compiler itself, but as a part of build pipeline.


it is part of the compiler. I decided to simplify and use "untyped" externs inference


so the externs inference in the compiler otherwise is a bit more complicated since it has to propagate type hints more thoroughly


all the code I have for this in shadow-cljs does not do this so it wouldn't work in combination with the stuff in CLJS


but really there are only a couple of points in the compiler that need to be "fixed"


just don't use shadow-cljs as a reference and dig into the actual code in the analyzer a bit


I was just too lazy and wanted something a bit simpler


other reason for type hinting driven externs inference is for getting that info from Closure libs into ClojureScript


esp. primitive info - boolean, string, etc.


relatively minor - but would eliminate another case of manual hinting


yeah my concern was more on the npm integration stuff where type hints won't be available anytime soon


to be clear externs inference is intended to be generic machinery


one use case is foreign libs


the other is deriving information about Closure libs


docstrings, types, etc.

Roman Liutikov14:06:17

It’s super easy to develop with SIMPLE optimizations, but so hard to switch to ADVANCED afterwards 😞


hmm not really. externs inference is already pretty good. just need to tweak a few cases where it reports false positives or things already in externs


one thing that made a big difference was importing all known properties from the closure compiler and don't warn for those


unfortunately that was in a package-protected method


@roman01la warn on infer on the whole project would be undesirable at this point and we're not going to do what shadow does for now


but that removed a lot of noise


I will say developing for a long time w/o advanced is asking for trouble

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Roman Liutikov14:06:44

@dnolen I understand. I’ve hacked global inference with :warnings option set + a custom warnings handler. At least now I can see something.


we're not going to solve bad practice problems with workarounds

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especially when we spent a ridiculous amount of effort making this stuff better already


well it could use a couple of "fixes" still. IIRC defrecord generates a infer warning


yeah there's minor stuff, but I haven't run into any show stoppers yet


nor heard many bad stories lately


well that might be because externs inference isn't very useful when using CLJSJS externs and people just don't enable it


since plenty of people funnel through the webpack guide


I haven't worked on a project in over a year that doesn't use webpack in some form


I would expect that it is not uncommon to still have cljsjs/react on the classpath and still end up with its externs


but anything else you need from npm would go the webpack route and needs externs


plenty of useful trivial libs that you won't find on CLJSJS


yeah of course. still any wrapper lib that has a CLJSJS package might have externs, even if you don't actually use the lib and just use webpack to get it