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 (fn [db] (db :project)))

 :<- [:project]
 (fn [project] (project :name)))

 :<- [:project]
 (fn [project] (project :author)))

 :<- [:project/author]
 :<- [:project/name]
 (fn [[authors-name project-name]]
   (projects/project-identifier authors-name project-name)))


Does it make sense to have the :project/name and :project/author subs or should I just let the :project/identifier sub subscribe to :project and pluck out the name and author in there?


I do use the :project/name in the ui along with the :project/identifier


(defn view
  "Top level application view to render all the things"
  (let [project-name (rf/subscribe [:project/name])
        project-identifier (rf/subscribe [:project/identifier])]
    (fn [] ...)))


Another quick question, why wouldn’t I want to just subscribe to :project in this view and pluck out the name and author in the view which i can then pass into project-identifier within the view function?


The main function of subscriptions is to support re-rendering of components if (and only if) there is a change in the data it depends on. If you have a component that lets you change, say, the project name, then it makes sense to have a :project/name sub so that your UI will re-render the name as needed, without over-re-rendering. If, on the other hand, your UI lets you switch between different projects but does not support editing the project name, author, etc, then the :project sub is all you really need (though it wouldn’t be wrong to go ahead and add subs for name and author, if you like).


Sorry for the late response, thank you very much for taking the time to provide an answer. From what you describe, it sounds as though plucking fields from a map returned from a subscription is ok to do in the view (if I wasn’t editing the name, author or description)

(defn project-info
  (let [project-info (rf/subscribe [:project])
        name (@project-info :name)
        author (@project-info :author)]
        description (@project-info :description)
      [:h1 name]
      [:h2 author]
      [markdown description]]))


without having to create separate level 2 subscriptions for each field.


But, if the project map changes in any way ( key/value added/removed or updated) then project-info will re-render (even if name, author and description didn’t change)?


I haven’t tried adding new keys to the map, but I expect that any change to the project-info map would trigger a re-render, yes.


Thanks 🙂

Jacob Haag15:06:23

Hey all, does anyone know how and if it's possible to have a :dispatch and :dispatch-later in a reg-event-fx map?

 (fn [{:keys [db]} _]
   {:dispatch       [::foo]
    :dispatch-later [{:ms 200 :dispatch [::buzz]}]}))
That's the way I have it currently but it seems it's not calling the :dispatch-later's ::buzz


Hmm, looks correct, maybe insert a deliberate typo in ::buzz and see if you get a “No handler for event :some-ns/buzzz” error in the console?


@jacobhaag17 yep, combining dispatch and dispatch-later should be absolutely fine

Jacob Haag16:06:53

Okay, after looking at the code it as an issue with our ::foo function, thanks for the clarification @manutter51 and @danieleneal