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Hey Canada Clojurians 👋, not sure if this channel is active or not but I just had a quick question about what the standard notice periods are for professional jobs in Canada, and when I should be applying for roles... I'll be arriving over in Vancouver, BC from the UK in about three and a bit months and in the UK it's quite common for professional roles to have a notice period of up to three months, so a new employer would expect to wait that long, particularly in finance which is the main industry here in London. However, when I was in the US previously I wouldn't have expected to wait for three months for new hire and it wouldn't be an ideal start to negotiations! I'm wondering if there's any point in starting to apply for roles now or if it's too early. What would be the expected notice period for a dev role (I'm a data scientist/ML engineer specifically) in Canada?


Two weeks is the customary notice period in Canada


and welcome to Canada!


thanks @U04V32P6U! it seems like I need to cool my jets for quite a while yet then 😆


As someone who is in involved in hiring, in part for machine learning roles, at a large Canadian Enterprise I will chime in to remark that, while there's a customary way of doing things, there are sometimes exceptions…


Especially given the hotness of the market for data scientists and engineers


Large companies can (and often will) exhibit a lot of flexibility if they're keen to have you


DM me if you'd like and I can point you at a resource or two re jobs in the field in Canada


Also keep in mind that sometimes the hiring process can go on for much longer in advance of the actual job offer. It doesn’t hurt to start looking in advance, and more specialized roles will be more flexible in accommodating international moves.