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Karol Wójcik06:06:14

Hello. What is a correct way to copy the files from one location to another using boot functions? I encountered sift, but as I can see it's only for moving the files.


@karol.wojcik Do you mean files in the fileset of boot or files outside of the fileset of boot?

Karol Wójcik07:06:02

@U0FT7SRLP Files in the fileset of boot

Drew Verlee21:06:51

i'm reading about "gulp" from the js community. Is it fair to say that its similar to boot?


kinda, iirc the big difference is the object passed through plugins is mutable


or rather, plugins mutate files in place vs. accepting immutable object


everyone trying to reinvent lisp everywhere I look

Drew Verlee21:06:08

that would make sense.