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Pushed out 0.2.4 of, now with better optional handling of non-json-serializable data in ex-info data maps. Thank you @coyotesqrl for the actual work! 🙂

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com.github.seancorfield/honeysql {:mvn/version "2.1.818"} -- -- two bug fixes (both regressions from v1 I think -- one of them definitely is) and an enhancement: • Fix #367 by supporting parameters in subexpressions around IS NULL / IS NOT NULL tests. • Address #366 by introducing :values-default-columns option to control whether missing columns are treated as NULL or DEFAULT in :values clauses with sequences of hash maps. • Fix #365 -- a regression from 1.x -- where subclauses for UNION, EXCEPT, etc were incorrectly parenthesized. • Update build-clj to v0.5.0. Follow-up in #honeysql


com.github.seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.2.731"} -- -- a bug fix and a documentation update: • Fix #181 by supporting option-wrapped connectables in execute-batch!. • Address #179 by improving documentation around connection pool initialization. • Update build-clj to v0.5.0. Follow-up in #sql