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@cddr I want to switch from the jackdaw included avro serde to yours as I had errors with nested lists/maps in jackdaw. But with union types I always have to specify the union-path when I want to convert from edn to avro. So I have {:yolo "yolo"} but need {:yolo {:string "yolo"}} for the example in your code. How do you do it? Always "manually" or do you have some code/helper that you can share. I validate the output with malli so I'm thinking of writing a custom malli transformer but wondering how you handle it and what's the simplest way.


Fortunately I never had to migrate any code from one to the other and the new code I wrote that used edn-avro just used the latter explicitly but I can see how migrating existing code would be annoying


Also, you should probably know I don't actually use this anywhere in production. It was more of an itch I wanted to scratch but haven't yet had the opportunity to use it in a production system.


Hmm, OK. Thanks. I want to write a relatively simple kstreams app that takes messages from one topic and splits them up (depending on some json field) to X other topics. Input is only json, output is avro as I want the data with the s3-connector to end up as parquet in S3. For some avro schemas with nested map in a list in map, jackdaw errors and I was looking for a simpler way than fixing jackdaw and reading your readme made me think that it's maybe better to not use it at all.


I think you should be able to do that with jackdaw as it is currently no?


Oh sorry I get it.


But yeah the bug you've run into is exactly the reason I wrote edn-avro.


I simply get

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :clj->avro of protocol: #'jackdaw.serdes.avro/SchemaCoercion found for class: nil


oh. thanks. Since I have malli schemas for it, shouldn't be hard to transform the output to the json format avro needs. I'll try that.


Would be interesting to see what you come up with if you're permitted to share it. I'll happily add a docs section to the edn-avro project to document stuff like this because that's what people want to see 🙂 "ok you're project's great but how do I use it with...."


Sure. I'll message you/open a PR if I have something useful.