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I currently rely on shadow.cljs.devtools.server.repl-impl/do-repl in the (experimental) shadow-cljs support for an editor plugin I'm working on. I realize that it's not part of the stable API, though. Would it be possible to have it be a part of the API (e.g. in shadow.cljs.devtools.api)? I'd be perfectly happy with something that basically just defers to shadow.cljs.devtools.server.repl-impl/do-repl without doing anything else.


@flowthing what exactly are you doing with do-repl? I mean that is pretty REPL specific and most likely and editor should be talking directly to shadow.remote? That isn't documented much yet but the basic concept is explained here


My editor plugin connects to the shadow-cljs socket REPL and starts a slightly customized prepl-like REPL on top of it. It also opens a socked-based backchannel, which the editor plugin then connects to to send tooling messages back and forth. I'm aware of shadow.remote, but I only really want/need a REPL.


but if you connect to shadow.remote directly you get all of the REPL functionality + the potential of all other editor tooling over one connection


I mean all the shadow-cljs REPLs are built on shadow.remote as well as everything the UI does


eventually everything that is not currently using it will be using it internally. eventually the intent is for all tools to use it too. I mean even do-repl uses it internally


Right, but I want to retain the ability to start nested REPLs, for instance. Also, I specifically want to send evaluations and tooling-related messages over different channels.


do-repl will not become part of the public API but if you explain what exactly you need from it I can maybe adopt the shadow.cljs.devtools.api/cljs-repl?


> I mean even do-repl uses it internally Hmm, so maybe I could reimplement something like do-repl over shadow.remote. :thinking_face:


there is no support for nested REPLs for any CLJS REPL or anything using do-repl?


do-repl is running over shadow.remote already so anything it does you can replicate


Oh, right! I've been away from the CLJS side of things for a while so I forgot about the nested REPLs. Anyway, reimplementing the relevant bits of do-repl over shadow.remote sounds like the way to go. Thanks! I might be back with possible questions regarding shadow.remote. 🙂

Björn Ebbinghaus10:10:02

Today I noticed again, that shadow-cljs didn't stop compiling my project over and over again in the background, and I was not modifying any files (at least to my knowledge) I notice this from time to time, and a restart of the server is enough to solve the problem. Has anyone had similar experiences? It's not a big problem (when I notice it), and I can't rule out that it's not my IDE or some plugin that keeps changing things. Mostly I notice it when my Mac stops turning off the fan. 😕


we had such a case in our setup, maybe it happens in yours too: we were watching (JS inside the) the output-dir, leading to an endless compile-loop.


yeah definitely keep the output-dir out of the source paths


but otherwise most of the time its some other tools touching files and kicking off compiles


you can set :log {:level :debug} in your shadow-cljs.edn and it'll log a little more including the namespaces/files that triggered a compile