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David Vujic09:10:01

I’m trying out an idea that I would love to get your feedback on: it is a somewhat sloppy version of Railway Oriented Programming, in Python. I’m planning to write a blog post about this also. Here’s the repo, with docs:

David Vujic13:10:41

Very cool, thank you! I’ll add toolz to the resources section.


Aren't exceptions already "railway oriented programming" in the way you describe it?


Specifically, there isn't any handling of this except at the top level


so the complaint about try except clutter seems misplaced

David Vujic14:10:39

You’re right @U3JH98J4R - try-catch is a two rail system already 😄 I’ll try to rephrase and rethink this.

David Vujic07:10:16

toolz looks like :star-struck: for a clojure developer coding python. Very cool 😄