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Hello, I would like to read out xlsx (mainly work with docjure/ org.apache.poi) data and aggregate infos and insert into existing spreadsheet (like hospital daily sheets), into right cells. That is sounds very painful for me now in Clojure, much easier in python, but I would like to use Clojure ecosystem. All times fail at savings, when I would like to mod more than one point (the df) and insert into existing spreadsheet etc. This is quite bad feeling. Anybody implemented with libpython-clj2 eg. openpyxl or pandas to do similar things (interop)?


thanks I check it!


Doesn't the stack support reading/writing to/from xlsx now?

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If not, fxl is probably a good option.


Yes, directly supports xlsx format, and it should be the go to thing for any stuff like this.

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thanks all help! I check this too


I need to load and write xlsm files, so therefore my case a little bit more specific. I hope I can do with these solutions. Thanks all things again! I check the source codes too

chrisn22:10:55 does not write xlsx or xls files at the moment - only read. I have no software that deals with xlsm but I strongly agree with the fxl recommendation for reading/writing cell-like data.

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Got it; I had remembered that reading was supported, but wasn't sure write. Is writing in the cards, or is that more of a challenge for some reason?


Oh just no one has asked for it. What would be great would be an ask with some money attached 😉 .

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Boy, do I hear you!


It's not a major need for me at the moment, but if I do in the future, I may submit a PR.