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Yehonathan Sharvit11:10:53

What is the relationships between decode and validate? Are we suppose to validate after a value has been successfully decoded?

Ben Sless11:10:34

Decode never "fails", it's a best effort to get data to look like what should be validated. Validation should be done after decode

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Ben Sless11:10:26

after decode and before validation you can't really know if the data is valid, yet

Yehonathan Sharvit12:10:01

Makes sense @UK0810AQ2 . Thanks

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Carsten Behring16:10:49

How can I do a schema, which allows maps of "any key" of a certain type , string for example (or qualified symbols)

Carsten Behring16:10:00

found it, :map-of


is anyone aware of any work being done on OpenAPI (v2/v3) to Malli conversion? we are using to talk to many APIs, and we love it, but it's using Plumatic Schema and we would like to use Malli instead.


im just watching and learnt that OpenAPI v3.1 is gonna be fully compatible with JSON Schema draft 8