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can Spacemacs users update a given already-installed package to its latest MELPA snapshot version? e.g. stuff from popular layers - cider.el, clj-refactor.el from a quick googling it appears that the process is the same as in vanilla Emacs (`rm -rf ~/.emacs.d/elpa/<package>`, let Emacs re-fetch $latest on startup), although I might have read outdated info. (asking for a friend)


Yes, if that package is part of a layer or listed in the dotspacemacs/additional-packages section of spacemacs.el. When Emacs is restarted, Spacemacs will check the packages are there and if one is missing it will download the latest Melpa package. It is also possible to pin particular package versions, typically using an Emacs package recipe in dotspacemacs/additional-packages Or just update all packages with newer versions using SPC f e U and restart Emacs with SPC q r

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Thank you!