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I’m super happy with #polylith! I started to use it as a personal repository: I tend to experiment and build little prototypes and examples quite often. But my code is spread out into dozens of little projects and I often forget about them, which is unfortunate, it means I tend to repeat work, forget about nice things and approaches. The friction of cleaning them up and pull them apart into re-usable components is typically too much. With polylith I have my personal code garden now. The clean structure and developer conveniences motivate me to continuously improve and refactor things. This weekend I had a bunch of free time and it has been super productive and fun!

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This is startling and sounds wonderful — I’ve been pondering for years about how to organize my repos, and there’s all these .clj files here and there that I want shared, and I just copy/paste them over. I then started making repos with a bunch of projects/deps.edn files, copying existing files into them. It never occurred to me to put ALL my projects into one repo — it would actually love a bunch of problems I’m having! (I was so inspired watching the polylith videos, and reading @U04V70XH6’s posts. I never made the leap, but I was inspired to create interface.clj files to harden those modular interfaces!)

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