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Not new to Austin, but new to Clojure. Been a programmer for 5 years in mostly Java and Ruby/Rails. Nice to meet y'all! Would love to get to a meetup if that's starting up again. Currently, building a few things in Clojure. A couple for fun and one that is work-related although I'm not optimistic about my current outfit picking up Clojure, haha. At worst, it will make a pain point in our current setup a little easier to work with... Y'all know how it goes :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Anyway, thanks for having me 🤝

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Hey Brian… Welcome to Clojure.


It’s really exciting to see more Clojure development in Austin. What motivated to explore and push through a work project?


There is a Meetup coming up on May 9th. Check out the calendar on Meetup:


Recent events have been online. But there is talk that maybe with this one or the next one, we could restart in-person events. (although, I won’t be able to make this one, in person). May 9th, Norman will talk about “Markdown in ClojureScript”

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@U0E703ECU, to summarize: As of 5 months ago, I work in healthcare. The product is clinical software for physical therapy, managing care plans for people with musculoskeletal injuries/issues. A large EMR owns us, and EMRs are our upstream integration for our product, so we integrate with several. Healthcare is incredibly fragmented and has a lot of legacy integrations and interoperability issues because of lack of standardization and generally old and poorly designed systems. This is changing due to FHIR, but the industry is still far behind in many places. Anyway, I had looked at Clojure when I first started programming, but it was difficult for me to grok at the time, and I didn’t know what to use it for. I more or less started looking at graph stuff in Java and was over it pretty quickly. After working with Ruby for a while, I wanted a development experience that was not Java, but Ruby didn’t seem to fit the bill. Somehow I remembered Clojure and quickly found some datalog stuff that appears to be very relevant for my new industry. The datalog stuff is a more ambitious idea that I have in mind and isn’t fully articulated. Still, the nearer goal is to make our work a little more pleasant with some simple maps and some tooling around writing data transformers in, which Mirth uses. Otherwise, I am just generally enjoying using Clojure on my own, and that’s enough for now. I love using it, haha! It’s pretty funny. It makes me smile.


I know it's a bit late but glad to read that your enjoying Clojure. We’re going back to in-person meetups for Aug. 2022. Hope you can come. Posting meetup update tonight with talk and other info.

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Awesome, I was in New York for 6 weeks and just got back to town. Looks like I will be able to make it to the August meetup! Thanks for reaching out


Good to hear you’ll make the Aug meetup. I’ll be presenting for that one.

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