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I am running poly test and getting an issue regarding a resource that can not be found, if I jack in and run the test from inside my ide it will find the resource and pass any pointers on what to look for ? guessing a missing path in one of my deps files ?


Execute poly ws out:oly.edn and mail me the oly.edn file + your root deps.edn + workspace.edn and I will have a look.


I actually made some progress, seems it was a single resource file causing the problem other resource files in the same location are working, the resources are all selmer templates the one difference is the failing template loads a parent template so perhaps its todo with how selmer resolves those on the classpath in the polylith environment


happy to send if you think it may be helpful, but I think it was an error giving me the wrong idea


Okay, good that you managed to solve it. You don’t have to send me the files 🙂


well not 100% resolved just worked around by not inheriting a template at least for now, I guess i would need to dig into selmer a bit more to figure out exactly why its erroring, thanks for the offer most appreciated

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Norman Kabir17:04:28

A project layout question: the FAQ indicates that front-end dev is not supported. I would still like to layout my backend code using our existing conventions of:

However, when I edit my deps.edn files to reflect this, I still get an namespace warning. Is it possible to configure a project with these subfolders?


No, it’s not supported, but you can create an issue if you want.


If you haven’t created an issue yet, I can do it, because I think this is a bigger issue. Today we expect the src to be in the src directory and the test code in the test dir. The poly tool should instead check which directories are specified for src and test in`deps.edn` .

Norman Kabir09:04:29

Thanks! I will create an issue.

Chris Lester19:04:24

A build.clj question … or “how to include java files in a component” q really. I have a component using a thrift generated set of java files that I need to compile/import into the clj side of that component. Sources are with the component importing them right now and declared in the component deps.edn, and I’m looking at how I’d modify the sample polylith build.clj to do that work (compile, stuff into the jar). Is that the right way to go about this? If so, do we have any examples of that to look at?