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is there a way to toggle discard in Calva ? I used the comment keys to ignore some lines (CTRL+/) . The issue with comments is that it takes the whole line and sometimes catches extra parens at the end of the line. Discard #_ might be a better fit for this


What I do to toggle it is to type #_ 😃 You are not alone in having asked for this. There was an issue posted recently Slap a thumbs up on it and comment with your rationale, please. 🙏

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When adding a new dependency to deps.edn, is there a way to “download and load it into the REPL” without re-running the jack-in command? Or is that the “correct” way to do it?


Oh, yes, there is add-lib. A version of the library. It has a function for loading dependencies dynamically. I think I might demo it in some youtube vid. Let me check...

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Looking forward to having a video link handy to share with people but in the meantime, it's and you call it like this:

(require '[ :refer [add-libs]])

(add-libs '{io.github.dakrone/clj-http {:git/sha "7aa6d02ad83dff9af6217f39e517cde2ded73a25"}})

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Oh, sorry, forgot about this. Got all carried away by releasing #joyride 😃

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Is there a similar thing for lein?


Yes, could be pommegrenate, but I could also be mixing things up. I am pretty sure there is something, though.

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And, I don't think I ever made that video, just had plans. 😃


This should be relevant to most Calva users:

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