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Funny, I was just posting this: “Why do the Clojurescript JARs include precompiled class versions of data.json and tools.reader? This is causing me some nightmares in production in Datomic Cloud. I think it is the case that the compiler will use newer source files if it finds them on the classpath, but what if the source files are older, and the class files in Clojurescript are incompatible? Or worse, the dependencies are precompiled in the target environemtn and you end up with class files for the same thing on the classpath twice (which is what I think I’m hitting). In that case you get very unpredictable results depedning on classpath ORDER. Those two things are listed as dependencies already…it seems having compiled versions in the JAR is going to lead to these kinds of problems, so why deploy jars with them?”

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Seems AOT is already a hot topic

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@tony.kay There is a workaround: use CLJS as a git dependency


ah, brilliant.,..why didn’t I think of that 😛


there is also the org.clojure/clojurescript$slim variant