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would it be hard to write a sci interpreter in Emacs Lisp?


I guess ... it couldn't work the same way as Clojure/Clojurescript. We don't have a Clojure-to-Emacs-Lisp compiler, as we have for Javascript and JVM.


Specifically, I was wondering about running neil source code directly in Emacs, without shelling out to anything.


I think it would be better to embed bb or some other compiled sci

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I think the challenge is that sci doesn't provide its own clojure.core library. It uses the clojure.core library provided by the jvm and clojurescript implementations.


Most of a compiler for transpiling clojure is already available with the* libraries, but there's still not a target agnostic version of the core data structures and core library (although the cljs core library is pretty close)

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Yeah, I think you're right. A large part of sci simply refers to core functions. Not having access to things like tools.analyzer is another good point.


Another issue is that elisp hardly provides any immutable stuff, even strings are mutable I think

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