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Ben Sless08:04:58

I think builds as programs finally clicked for me, re my question about modules

Ben Sless08:04:48

Something along these lines: Any ideas regarding the best way to handle the different POMs?


I need to publish clojure libraries to maven central (not clojars). Since does not currently support this, what is the recommended way to achieve this? I am considering generating a pom and using maven to publish.


deps-deploy can do this I think


I just skimmed the docs. I thought it only worked with clojars, but maybe that is not the case.


I managed to get it to push to a private, S3 compatible service a few days ago, which seems more twisted. Iirc reading the source you should be able to change the destination repo


I also was inches away from shelling out to mvn... I guess that's an acceptable solution


Maybe I should simply look at what the core clojure libs do, as they are all published to maven central. I suspect they use maven.


Most of the core toolchain predates tools build


deps-deploy piggiebacks on pomegranate which in turn uses Aether for the heavy lifting, so deploying to maven central Should Just Work(TM)