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Good morning! Unless you're visiting someone there are not a ton of reasons to visit Stockholm, I would say. But this time of year, Kungsträdgården is spectacular. It's a square in central Stockholm for events and just hanging around. Used to be some king's garden, hence the name. (Back in the 15th century, iirc). Whoever is the gardener has gone full monty with the kind of cherry trees that has these pink blossoms.

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As a Brit who has visited Stockholm several times, I would disagree with "not a ton of reasons" -- I think Stockholm is a beautiful and fascinating city and I love visiting it! The old town is incredible, the restaurants are amazing, the Vasa museum is a "must-see", and the nightlife is unbeatable in the summer 🙂


Agree about those sites. Especially the Vasa museum. I guess that as a visitor, I enjoy cities where it is easy to walk around and to find a place in the sun to have a drink or some ice-cream and such. When we're out and about with the family in Stockholm most really beautiful routes are almost void of restaurants and bars, and all nice places are always crowded and all nice spots are taken. Contrast with a place like Prague... Anyway, nice to hear you enjoy visiting, @U04V70XH6!

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