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I was taking a look at:

(macroexpand '(meander/search
               {[?i                                   ?j] {:type \v}
                [(meander/app #(dec-mod height %) ?i) ?j] {:type \.}}
               [?i ?j]))
and the behavior is quadratic because we are generating two nested calls to meander.match.runtime.epsilon/map-k-permutations-with-unselected. It seems this isn't strictly needed because the second pattern in the map is completely determined from the first one. Is this just an optimization that has not yet been done, or are there other problems that push us toward this expansion?


> Is this just an optimization that has not yet been done It is indeed.


I guess this is a good time to check in with the community and let everyone know what’s been up. People who have been in contact with me personally can ignore this. Around June of last year I started burning out on coding. Between some personal health issues, frustrations I was having at work, and trying to work on meander.zeta in the face of existing issues with meander.epsilon , I totally ran out of steam a few months ago and then completely hit my limit about six weeks ago. Since then I’ve been in a “recovery mode” of sorts but the good news is that I’m beginning to feel better. Even better news is that a couple people (who I won’t name personally) have agreed to try and help me move the project forward. This is great because, hopefully, moving forward I won’t be the only person to know the internals of the project, the core concepts, etc. The main thing everyone here needs to know is that I’m still committed to the project (specifically meander.zeta ). I know that meander.epsilon has internal issues/complexity, that there are bugs, and doesn’t always generate the best code (these issue affect me too!). So, please try and bear with the state of things a bit longer. 🙂

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These code issues aren't at all a problem - I'm grateful that this project exists in the first place; I just reported because I found meander interesting enough to poke at the internals ☺️ Hope you continue to recover :hugging_face:


@UA7E6DU04 I wasn’t directing this at you. 😄 Your question just prompted me to take a moment and let people know where things are. I try to stay in touch with everyone here and keep people posted because I appreciate all of the people that use this library and have supported it over the years. 👍

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Linus Ericsson20:04:00

Your health is much more important than some files of source code on GitHub.

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Hey! Thanks so much for meander. Please take care of yourself! :hugging_face: