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Hi folks. What’s the best way of setting inf-clojure-custom-repl-type (which is a defcustom) locally? Context: I have a custom command for starting clojure projects and another one for cljs. I’d like to set inf-clojure-custom-repl-type in each of them. What’s the most idiomatic way of doing that? I tried to simply use let but it complained about redefining a lexical var or something like that.


I suppose I can just setq and override the value later, as needed, but if there’s a way of binding it locally, I’d rather use it.


i think you’d need to add some new functionality. It shouldn’t be too hard but it does get a bit verbose. My thinking is make a rebindable var for a custom repl type and then you could set it to whatever you need, and update the “get feature” type functions to look at the custom one when using a custom repl type


you should be able to reuse some stuff if it largely overlaps. (setq custom-thingy ...) and get the one for clojure or clojurescript and assoc the things into it you need


I think I got your suggestion. In any case, I search for occurrences of inf-clojure-custom-repl-type in inf-clojure. I just found it once in inf-clojure, for binding the repl type, which gets stored in inf-clojure-repl-type with setq-local. So I think it’s safe to set it with setq in my custom commands, it’s not used internally after that anyway.


That is, it represents only the default repl type when using the inf-clojure command.