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Drew Verlee21:04:03

I need to run a very short (less then a minute) function on a very loose (hours) schedule. Does aws Lambda seem like the best fit for this? If so, what path to setting that up have people had success with? Any experience reports with Holy Lambda Additionally, I don't need GraalVM startup speed but i suppose it would be nice to have the option or easily transition. I'm just not sure even considering the trade offs is worth it. I would be curious what others have done and learned though.

Daniel Jomphe22:04:02

No experience yet but you may also want to ask there too #holy-lambda. BTW Lambdas can now expose URLs without having to be fronted by API Gateway, so they're even easier to expose than before.

Daniel Jomphe22:04:53

Remember that you've got million(s) of free Lambda calls per month (I suppose it's for small-sized CPU and RAM ones). Looks like it's really worth checking out.

Drew Verlee22:04:04

Thanks Daniel, i don't need to expose this to a public endpoint/url as it will only need to make http calls then send an email. It's good to know there are free calls per month.


I've been itching for an excuse to try holy lambda’s babashka backend. If you do end up going the holy lambda route I'd love to see an experience report!

Karol Wójcik06:04:54

@drewverlee I think the easiest option for you is HL on the custom Java17 Layer, since: • your use case doesn't require a fast startup time, • going with GraalVM would be an overkill for now since this is another tool you have to learn about. This repository contains a ready-to-go template with mentioned above configuration. In the future, you can always "easily" migrate to the Native backend with this.

Karol Wójcik06:04:04

What is cool about this layer is it enables TieredCompilation=1 by default and by that speeding the startup time significantly.

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Drew Verlee15:04:30

thanks Karol, i'm taking a look now


@drewverlee CloudWatch scheduled trigger -> Lambda

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