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clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp 2022.02.01-16.53.14 with some important changes, check it out: • General ◦ Migrate project from depstar -> ◦ Improve classpath hash to consider invaliding cache when local root deps was changed. ◦ Replace datalevin cache db with transit. ◦ Bump Graalvm from 21.3.0 to improving binary performance/size ◦ Update `XDG_CONFIG_HOME` to clojure-lsp directory in doc/ @jr0cket • Editor ◦ Support going to namespace definition on an alias. ◦ Add LSP `textDocument/declaration`, for now adding the making possible navigate to alias and namespaces declared on the namespace. ◦ Fix removal of file analysis on didClose for external files like jars. c/c @brandon.ringe ◦ Fix cursor not moving when using code actions that move the cursor automatically. ◦ Fix additional-snippets to work on top-level forms as well. ◦ Fix resolve completion item not returning insertText. @domagala.lukas ◦ Remove support for LSP `codeAction/resolve`. It added complexity and was not used in a way that improved performance of the action menu. @jacob.maine ◦ Fix create public function refactoring not working when function is not a function call. Most notable changes are: • The replacement of datalevin with transit, we found datalevin is really good but probably not the best choice for clojure-lsp as what we seek is just a simple persistent cache implementation, As mentioned on #703, transit is faster and smaller than datalevin and probably more "queryable" for other tools that want to use clojure-lsp db. Also this makes clojure-lsp jar smaller and make it possible to have clojure-lsp working with aarch64 in the future :) • We are using a new version of graalvm which should improve the native binary in multiple aspects. • We had a lot of help from @jacob.maine and @domagala.lukas on some fixes and improvements, thank you very much! gratitude Any issues, please let me know!

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Glad you didn't go with nippy. It has some rough edges.


Transit is at least specified and can be very fast if tuned a bit

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The goto definition from require alias works great


well done!

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@domagala.lukas noticed a little bug with deps.edn that point to absolute zip/jars that crashes clojure-lsp, I released a new version with the fix (2022.02.01-20.02.32)