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Thanks for adding #babashka to the CircleCI clojure image :)

🎉 2

:thumbsup: Yeah it’s a nice addition


I was just wondering if it would be worth having variants with the graal substratevm in them; but I guess that would only allow generating binaries for linux (which covers many of my use cases for it). However I guess it’s not worth adding it at this level as I guess there’s no drop in solution for generating platform specific binaries on the 3 main platforms; and this needs to be hand cranked on the machine executors?


A prebuilt image is just a docker image, which is just a series of tarballs downloaded from us-east-1 S3. So as a trick you can create a “layer” for anything by hosting a tarball in S3 and using curl | tar to add it to another image. If you don't gzip it's actually faster