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Brad Bollenbach13:02:10

Hi all! I'm the Engineering Lead of the Platform team at Riverford Organic Farmers. I am currently looking for two Senior Software Engineers to join our Platform Engineering team. If you're interested in joining a group of smart, friendly Clojure geeks to work on complex and interesting problems in e-commerce, delivery & logistics, warehouse automation, and more, please feel free to contact me. Our main site is based in beautiful Devon, in the southwest of England, and remote work is available for UK-based candidates! Salary up to £80,000 d.o.e. Here is the full advert:

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Jody hilton (spammer)23:02:19

I’m looking for 2 contract Clojure developers 100% remote Hourly rate $110 hour must be based in the US. Do you know any that would be interested in this position? Thanks for your Help!

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Would love to help @U02V4K8DK7X DM me if you are still looking.

Jody hilton (spammer)18:02:35

yes can you upload your resume here and i will give you a call - Thank you!

Jody hilton (spammer)14:02:57

Are you still interested?


Juji is hiring a full time front end developer. We currently work remotely. We are a Clojure shop.,-inc.&amp;t=Software+Engineer&amp;jk=b20de0a0132f66cb&amp;q=Juji+inc.&amp;vjs=3 Apply by sending resume to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> with subject “Software Engineer 2022”.