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Is there some way to start the REPL in a specific namespace with deps.edn? I'm asking here because I haven't been able to find anything for deps, so maybe CIDER can help here?


The REPL always starts in the user namespace. Leiningen would switch to a specified namespaces once the REPL was running. For a Clojure CLI (deps.edn) project, I would add a user namespace to the project and use an alias that added that namespace to the classpath. I assume it is then a mater of using (in-ns 'desired.namespace) in the user namespace Some examples here

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@U07FCNURX I looked at this in the past and there was no alternative of :initial-ns for tools.deps.

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Is there an equivalent of cider-pprint-eval-defun-at-point for cider-eval-last-sexp ? So I want the result of cider-eval-last-sexp but pprinted to a buffer?