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we are on a relatively old version of re-frame currently (0.8.3) and are wondering if there were breaking changes between there and 1.3.0-rc2. we are also using: re-frame-utils 0.1.0 re-frame-10x 0.4.2 async-flow-fx 0.1.0 & re-posh 0.3.3 safe to upgrade or better stick with the conservative approach ?


From memory (it's been a while, don't consider it word of god) • it'll also include a breaking reagent upgrade. ◦ some functions moving from reagent.core to reagent.ratom • re-frame-10x had issues, probably okay by now. Moved to re-frisk • Can't speak to utils/flow-fx/re-posh Otherwise there wasn't much issue with upgrading for us. Any issues were compile errors, you should spot them fast


@U0E98NQG2 the file is well maintained and calls out anything breaking (which is generally kept to a minimum).


But that's for re-frame itself. I can't comment on the interaction with re-posh.


@U051MTYAB ok thanks! you guys almost convinced me to take the plunge.