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Could someone explain or send a link to documentation on xtdb’s consistency behavior for transactions? Mainly, I’m curious if xtdb supports ACID guarantees when performing read/write transactions against “arbitrary” data stored inside xtdb (vs a client can only use 1 CAS per transaction)


Hey @U2E12TNLF this is a big topic, but the short answer is that 'yes' XT supports arbitrary ACID requirements, although there's a bit of spectrum as to what's possible (including performance/throughput implications). If you wouldn't mind re-posting the question on I will respond back with more detail there shortly 🙂 I know there's been a lot of good discussion about this stuff on this channel before, but nothing comprehensive has made it into the docs as yet...


XT uses a single-threaded writer model without interactive transactions, so has a 'serializable' consistency level


(sorry @U899JBRPF, messages crossed 🙂)

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Thank you, I created a topic here in - @U050V1N74 what do you mean by interactive transactions? I wonder if we are talking about the same thing. For example, in an rdbms you can open a transaction, do multiple read and write queries and can expect ACID compliance. Does XTDB support transactions with multiple read and write queries?

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replied over there - do let us know if you have further questions 🙂

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