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I am trying to add datafy/nav to objects I am passing to portal so I can navigate links. But what I get is, I drill down into my map until I get to the map what has the reference I want to follow, but once I get to that map, portal doesn't let me call nav on it, but I can see in the metadata that it has datafy and nav functions on the map


it will let me call datafy, which is just identity with some logging, and I can see it being called


and even on objects where portal does allow me to call nav, I never see the logging I have for the nav impl printing


Does double clicking the collection value you want to navigate into not work?


sort of, when I attach the metadata it most go all weird, I think that must be it, I attached the metadata everywhere with the idea that if it does see references it doesn't do anything, but I think I am screwing with portal's navigation when I do that


I just don't see any evidence that call nav from the portal ui ever invokes the nav I defined


(none of the logging happens)


the logging for datafy fires just fine


Hah, got it, my nav implementation was wrong, throwing an exception somewhere inside portal when it was called, and there is no evidence of that anywhere


perfect, works great now


Yeah, I don't think portal does a great job of reporting exceptions currently. Something to fix in the future. Glad it works! awesome


The portal.ui.commands/show-client-errors command should give you the last couple of exceptions if you need to debug in the future


yeah, shows all my nav arity errors