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Good Morning!


Very mild down saaawth


quite spring like tbh


yes @dharrigan - sunday was just the best day out on the hill - i went out early and was totally and very pleasantly surprised when the sun came up and it was glorious


Yeah, Sunday was lovely. I saw my first red kite in Shropshire - I have seen them frequently in Wales. The bike didn't even need much of a wash…


i didn't even wash mine at all 🙈. i am a bad person


I’m not angry, just disappointed 😂


it was proper spectacular though - i couldn't be expected to concentrate on hosepipes!


Beautiful, where is that?


Oh, it’s so pretty down there. Have you done much of The Way?


yes - did it a couple of years ago, on the second attempt: the first attempt did not go so well, thanks to horrible weather and a lot of punctures. mostly had by one of our party who 'optimised' weight with lightweight tyres and tubes (which were not treated kindly by the flinty trail):


this year, we're doing the king alfred way for a change - longer distance, less climbing


350km over 3 days - gulp - that's going to be 8-10 hours in the saddle each day, depending on weather and just how much fitness work we manage to get in beforehand


i've never ridden anything in shropshire - in fact i'm not sure i've ever stopped in shropshire - what's it like ?


Oh sorry, didn't see the thread notification! Oh an ex colleague did King Alfred’s way including a couple of wild (ish) camps including pub breakfast at one!


Shropshire is good. Basically steep and rooty, with bits of awkward rock. Which is great because it contrasts with the Peak District where i ride quite a bit - it’s gritstone, less steep, bit fairly easy. It’s slippery clay down south isn't it?


i know the peak district some - i grew up near manchester airport and did lots of climbing there back in the day - these days, when i'm up at my parent's, i'll usually go for a ride around macc forest, edale, ladybower etc


the south downs are chalk - lots of climbing, mostly not very technical, treacherous when wet, with plenty of evil flints to slash your tyres to death. some good descents down the many chalky bostals, and some good singletrack


Let us know if you’re ever in the Peaks and want to some company - Edale / Ladybower are my go to places. Potato Alley etc. I need to try and get down Cavedale cleanly before it gets tarmacked…


Bostals - that’s a new word for me.


oh, cool - i'll try and remember you are around the peaks - not done cavedale, looks fun