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John Roche (spammer)09:09:22

New challenge in a scaling fintech company? I am working with a company that is looking for remote software engineers with 3+ years clojure experience. The company has just been acquired for €200m and is looking to grow quite quickly so it would be a great opportunity for someone who wants: 🚀 Join a scaling EU based company working remotely  Fast Career Progression to Senior Engineer 💰 €80,000 Salary If interested send your CV to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

John Roche (spammer)09:09:32

Check out the details below 👋 Responsibilities: Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following: • Overview the general architecture of the solution (Clojure, AWS, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB) • Write elegant code for: • Our RESTful API endpoints (Clojure, PostgreSQL/DynamoDB) • Web apps (Reagent, ClojureScript, AngularJS) • Backend functionalities (Clojure) • Perform code reviews • Build unit tests for functionalities implemented (Clojure/Midje) Basic Requirements: • 3-5+ years of experience as an engineer • CI experience • AngularJS or React. • JavaScript, preferred - TypeScript/CoffeeScript/ClojureScript. • Bootstrap or other CSS framework • Clojure - or Python or Ruby or Java or Scala or NodeJS or Go server programming experience.