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I know its old news, but is there any progress on letting us teach cursive about new macros? We have a particular thing we do in our code base that is a lot of boilerplate, but we haven't been able to make a macro because we can't find a way to fit it into any of the built in forms. (and losing symbol resolution/click to definition would negate a lot of the benefit of what we do)


As far as I can see the solutions that would work would be • A way to do this and say "this macro will give these symbols with docstrings based on this logic" similar to how clj-kondo handles it with hooks (if cursive can just take info from clj-kondo that would do just dandy) • Stub generation for all the places we use the macro. This is only done for a whitelist of public libraries, not a knob that has been offered to users. • Running repl supplements static analysis. Cursive has been pretty clear about not wanting to support this


There’s still not much to support this, sorry. However fixing it properly has been held up by some daft architectural choices I made a long time ago, but I’ve recently made some steps towards fixing those.


@U0567Q30W that's great to hear. Do you see a possibility of any visible improvements in this topic in the next year or so?


I know you have a ton on your plate, but if there is anything that can be done to help with this I would be happy to

Jim Strieter19:09:01

Is there any way to use Intelli-J/Cursive to generate clojure bindings for a local java project?


define "Clojure bindings"?


Yes, I’d like to know what you’d like to happen here, as well.