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@deleted-user I’m not sure what makes for the best workflow, but I tend to work from a fork for cljdoc. It seemed to me that is the workflow that GitHub kind of expects, but not sure. I have, for very minor things that I am super confident don’t merit a review (maybe a typo in docs) pushed to the main branch, but maybe that’s never a great idea. If we come up with workflows/guidance we should probably add them to our developer docs. There’s also perhaps guidance of when to merge your own PR to main. Whether or not to ask for a review, etc.


right, that last bit is definitely something I just did, merged my own PR. granted it was just style changes but still


Ya, seems good to me, you felt confident, didn’t feel a need to bounce the change off the team for feedback, so merged.


Yeah, makes total sense to me.


Yeah, I think the guideline might be if you feel confident, then merge away. I think that trusting devs to be sensible has worked out for cljdoc quite well.


But maybe adding a few words in our docs on that strategy could be helpful to newcomers.


wow Cora, you’re a god-send 💜

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I feel you on the kicking back thing, my strategy has been to intentionally try a bit more loose, optimize for fun in the process rather than engineering perfection


I see that as referring to input state and stuff like that but I could see us going either way on this


especially with the icon the new tab thing seems like what people might expect but who knows


I think there’s value in visually discerning between links that lead to external sites


Some things I try to keep in mind when reviewing: • how much of a maintenance burden is this change introducing to the team? • is this a “yes, is forever” thing? Like the addition of the :url to cljdoc.edn is something we’ve now committed to supporting forever. Which is just fine in this case, but I like to keep this in mind.


Oh, oops, maybe wrong thread! simple_smile But related to larger discussion.


I think @U050TNB9F had the valid “yes, is forever” concern with me wanting to support more formatting of various different AsciiDoc elements.


I hadn’t considered that but makes sense!