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Hi, I’m seeing the following errors, in a Datomic Cloud cluster. any idea what went wrong? Unable to execute HTTP request: Read timed out while invoking (datomic.client.api/list_databases client)

Linus Ericsson08:09:26

a network read timeout could either imply the port we try to reach is not open (the application is not running) or that there is something not allowing the application to contact the ip (like not correctly configured VPC:s)


Yeah… it’s a single instance within a cluster of a Datomic Query Group, so I don’t think it’s a mis-configured VPC (otherwise we should be seeing the same error from all the instances)


Maybe it’s a networking issue?

Ivar Refsdal10:09:46

Anyone have datomic transactor on-prem logging til fluent? We are using version 1.0.6344. I would try fluency-core and such, but I see there are some conflicts. For example: fluency-core 2.6.0 brings com.fasterxml.jackson.core/jackson-databind whereas Datomic 6344 includes jackson-databind-2.12.3.jar. It could potentially "just work" of course, but I am curious if anyone has already made this setup. Edit: Thanks!